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la_belle_laide aka Shin-Ra Slut. Able to morph into trash-talking, trenchcoat-wearing, sexy badass. Will only spank you if you're hot enough to be worth the effort.

lisa_s aka Little Miss Cranky Pants. Wields the awesome power of SLASH-O-VISION. Has an unfortunate tendency to misread "Shin-Ra Slut" as "She-Ra Slut."

minrho aka The Min-Beast. Superpowers as yet unknown but sure to be terrifying once revealed. Surprisingly patient with her fellow Troikistas' various neuroses.
art, badfic, die.die.die, ego stroking, fanart, fanfiction, hot chicks, hot guys, hotness in general, link's queen, ourselves, secret compound, slash vision, small-town domination, stop the burning, super powers, thinly veiled fanfiction, whoredom, writing